Example Workshops

New Associate Integration

  • Crafting an effective email
  • Learning from the revision process
  • Effective use of precedents
  • Troubleshooting common junior associate challenges

Ongoing Skills Development

  • Successful project management
  • Anticipating and responding to client needs
  • Communicating with the government
  • Practice-group specific modules for advanced drafting

Bridging the Gap

  • How to make an impact with your work
  • Understanding the needs of clients and senior lawyers
  • Fostering engagement through inclusion, context and feedback

Workshops for Women Lawyers

  • Develop a well-rounded skillset
  • Maximize mentor opportunities
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Managing career and life transitions

Other Services

Small Group Workshops

  • Small group sessions allow for hands-on learning, including:
  • Mock drafting exercises (with no in advance “homework” needed)
  • Role play of senior lawyer and client interactions associates are likely to experience in the near future
  • Real-time feedback
  • Facilitation of partner feedback sessions

Virtual Office Hours

  • Available one-on-one through email or phone contact for follow-up on sessions and assistance on implementing skills
  • Guidance will be provided on anonymizing requests to ensure client/firm confidentiality is preserved

Training Consultation Services

  • Let us work with you to survey the areas in need of enhanced training and develop content to address those needs
  • Full customization of programming is available