Our Mission

Better client service. Greater associate satisfaction. From day one.

L.L.P.’s mission is to deliver a comprehensive training approach that compliments existing, team-driven training with proactive programs for new and developing associates that instill key skills. We dispense with common wisdom that extensive on-the-job training is a prerequisite to meaningful associate contribution. The program features many hands-on, interactive mock writing and speaking assignments and concrete takeaways, such as checklists and cheat sheets, for immediate incorporation into associates’ legal practice. The result is associates who confidently and effectively approach their client work from day one and throughout their developing careers.

Client Service:

Innovative, proactive and practical.

We provide associates with the tools needed to meaningfully contribute from day one, reducing inefficiencies and write-offs, enhancing client service and senior lawyer leverage.

Associate Satisfaction:

Hands-on, interactive and engaging.

Real-world mock assignments arm associates with concrete takeaways to confidently produce client-ready work, accelerating integration and improving satisfaction and retention.